Toe problems  


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Although often occurring in adults, these can also occur in children. Surgical correction should not be attempted until after the bone has stopped growing in order to prevent premature closure of the bony growth centre, and permanent deformity. Treatment normally consists of custom orthotics, wider footwear and padding.


Curly toes

This common issue occurs at birth and normally affects the third, fourth and fifth toes of one or both the feet. It’s caused by tightness in the tendon that runs below the toe, resulting in the tip of the toe being pulled under the next toe towards the sole. Treatment depends on age. In the very young child (under 4 years old) the toes consist of cartilage, and are therefore very soft. This means they can be taped, allowing the toes to straighten over a few months. A shoe insole may help keep the foot properly aligned. In some cases, if these simple measures fail and the child is complaining of pain, surgery may be needed to cut or transfer the tendon to another part of the toe.



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