How are verrucas caught?  


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29/11/2016 11:51 pm  

It’s not fully understood why some people get verrucas and others don’t – though we do know that verrucas are contagious. Communal areas where people often put bare feet in contact with the floor (such as showers in gyms or at home) are typical of places where you can easily pick up the virus. All it takes is for someone with a Verruca to walk barefoot across the floor, and there is the possibility of contamination with infected skin cells – so be sure to wear your shoes! Anyone who walks barefoot on a contaminated surface - especially if they have small cuts or abrasions on the sole of their feet, or if their skin is wet and macerated – is at high risk of picking up the virus. It’s also very important not to share shoes, socks or towels with somebody who has a Verruca, as cross infection can happen as well.


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