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There’s no shortage of foot clinicians out there. And self-treatment is always an option. But, when it comes to any aspect of your health, you can’t take chances.

That’s why if you are in need of professional foot treatment you should come to Happy Health Clinics. As a leader in the foot care industry and with a commitment to quality and patient care, you can be certain you’re in safe hands.

Our feet are probably the most neglected part of your body, often times given little or no thought and yet every day we expect them to perform amazing feats for you (pun intended).
We often take our feet for granted and it is not until problems occur that we may consider getting them checked!

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There’s no shortage of foot clinicians out there and self-treatment is always an option. However, when it comes to any aspect of your health, you can’t take chances.

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Common Conditions

Happy Health Clinics is a leader in the foot care……


Gait Analysis / Biomechanics

Some common conditions may be due to biomechanical dysfunction of

the feet….


Osteopathy / Rehab

Happy Health Clinics also provides….


Sports Injuries

Whether sporting or non-sporting…….

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Patient Education

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.. ..


Courses and Events

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  • Nicky Miles

    A thorough service and good advice

  • Richard Clarke

    Thanks for your help!

    The pain in my foot has gone away!
  • Emma Saunders

    Great foot treatment

    You are very professional and friendly. Thank you!
  • Peter Jordan

    Finally gone!

    Verrucas finally gone. Thanks for the great treatment Happy Heath Clinics - will definitely recommend.

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