Each book of this new series of educational books by Happy Health Clinics gently teaches children about common foot problems whilst highlighting the importance of foot care. In this short series we are introduced to George and his family. In the first book we see George who has contracted a verruca. Its summer time and he is concerned that it might prevent him from going away on holiday. In the second book, we see George’s active grandma busy doing her daily duties, but then she injures her big toe, the same toe that she has a bunion on. We see how this affects grandma and even go with her to hospital to get an operation. In the third book of the series we see Georges mum who has an ingrown toenail, we learn what this is and how it happened.

You’ve read the books, now you can listen to them almost anytime, anywhere with these downloadable audio versions. These books make learning fun as they stimulate children’s imaginations. They are also very easy to listen to. All titles are available in audio version. So download them today and let learning be fun.

These children’s learning resources would not be complete without the wonderful medium of music. Music has a way of impressing truths into the minds of children like no other. Like the audio books, they make learning fun, are easy to listen and sing along to, and can be listened to almost anywhere, anytime.   So if you know of a child who might benefit, order today with confidence.