What are Thickened Nails?

Thickened-NailsThese are abnormally thickened nails. There may be some slight discolouration of the nail. At times the thickness of the nail makes cutting difficult for the patient, and as a result the nail is neglected and the subsequent increased impaction of the nail against the shoe may lead to pain. In some cases the nail can become so deformed and may curl, resembling a ram’s horn.


Causes of Thickened Nails

Although fungal infection is one of the common causes of thickened nail, other causes exist, such as poor circulation, eczema, major trauma to name a few.


Treatment for Thickenend Nails

Treatment involves reducing the thickness of the nail and advice on footwear is given if required. Repeating this treatment at regular intervals is usually enough to keep the nails free from pain and looking normal.