What are Bunions?

BunionsA bunion is a swelling/bump at the base of the big toe which may be painful. The bump is a manifestation of structural changes in the big toe which deviates towards the second toe, and the resultant angulation leads to a bump at the side of the big toe.


Causes of Bunions

It is thought that there is a genetic link to bunion formation but poor fitting footwear that force the toes together are also implicated in the cause of bunions. However there are exceptions where bunions develop in individuals who wear properly fitting shoes.


Treatment for Bunions

Treatment should be initially aimed at eliminating any cause such as poor fitting footwear. Application of ice to the area may also help to reduce the pain. At Happy Health Clinics we can custom build interdigital (between toes) devices for you which can alleviate the pain of a bunion. These are made in house and can provide quick relief to your pain. Non surgical treatment does not however always reduce pain levels, and if the pain is severe and interferes with daily activities then surgery may be indicated.