Starting from humble beginnings in 2008, Happy Health clinics has grown in a few short years to become a leading UK foot clinic, thousands of happy customers have walked through the clinics doors including members from the film, tv, radio, entertainment and modelling industry. So for great foot care you really don’t have to look any further.

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What is that on my foot?

30 June, 2016   |   If you have spotted marks or small lumps on the soles of your feet, you could have a common but highly contagious condition. Anyone – from a toddler to a pensioner – can find themselves with unsightly and painful verrucas. However, the black or grey ‘spots’ found under the skin on soles of feet are becoming increasingly common among the middle-aged and seniors. Quite often, a sufferer will spot the condition but not know what it is.

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Rise and Shine London – Get that Perfect Summer Feet

23 June, 2016   |   Summer is upon us and a pleasant atmosphere is abloom. Are your feet in proper shape to enjoy it? Our feet are one of the most overworked parts of our body, but many of us pay very little attention towards feet care. This is not the best at all. It is very vital to take some effort in taking care of your feet and keeping them looking healthy.

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Extreme Foot Makeover

10 June, 2016   |   For those of you too afraid to show your feet in the daylight, it’s not unlikely that you’ve dreamed of having a pair so lovely, you could strut a red carpet wearing a stylish new sandal. Unfortunately, for many of us, our feet are not beautiful and unflawed, and ‘ugly feet’ are a problem due to them being a cause of social embarrassment.

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Corns and Calluses

3 June, 2016   |   Your favorite pair of shoes could be your worst enemy. If you’ve ever enjoyed kicking them off more than putting them on because they have made you feel uncomfortable, you are not alone. Shoe lovers can easily become victims of unsightly foot disorders.

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