The fact that this ancient practice is ever popular today is testament to its enduring benefits. With modern day life becoming ever more demanding and lifestyles becoming ever more hectic, more and more people are suffering from stress. Massage is increasingly being used as a way of reducing the stress of modern day living. There is also a growing interest in wellness and many people opt for massage for a sense of well being.

Back, neck and shoulder massage at Happy Health Clinics

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

These are common areas of pain and tension. Tension in the neck and shoulder region is a very common problem and occurs often in those who spend long working hours at a desk, especially if their posture is not correct.

Back massage from Happy Health Clinics

Back Massage

We often get pain and tension in our backs due to bad posture when lifting and sitting. With 80% of the population suffering with back pain at some point in their lives, many people have found massage therapy to be the answer to their problems.

Arm and hand massage at Happy Health Clinics

Arm and Hand Massage

Whether it’s due to overuse or an accident, a massage can work wonders to relieving pain in your arm and hand.

Leg and foot massage at Happy Health Clinics

Leg and Foot Massage

It’s been estimated that your feet will carry you the equivalent of four and a half times around the world

Full body massage at Happy Health Clinics

Full Body Massage

Whether it’s due to your physical job, the effects of modern day living or whatever the reason, a full body massage can give you that sense of calm and renewal.

Routine foot care with foot massage at Happy Health Clinics

Routine Foot Care with Foot Massage

For those with foot conditions such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails etc. who desire that little bit extra, we can offer you a foot massage after the end of your foot treatment.