What happens at the consultation?

At your first consultation, whether at the foot clinic or osteopathy clinic, your clinician will normally ask you a series of questions followed by an examination of the problem area(s), this will help determine a correct diagnosis prior to treatment. If on examination the clinician discovers additional problem areas, this will be brought to your attention, these can either be treated during the same appointment or on a subsequent visit(s), alternatively you will be advised on what to do next. Any self help advice and advice about future treatment will be clearly explained. Most treatments are usually completely painless (even pleasant) and many people get relief from their problems in this first appointment.


How long are the Appointments?

Initial osteopathic appointments are one hour and subsequent appointments are half an hour. Appointments at the clinic are usually half a hour. However some assessments such as a biomechanical assessment may take longer and this will be discussed at the first visit.


How often will I need to attend appointments?

This varies from patient to patient and also depends on the condition that requires treatment. Your clinician will be able to explain this in full detail at your initial visit.


Do I need to be referred by my Doctor?

The short answer is no. Patients tend to come directly to the clinic via word of mouth or by searching online.

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