Corns and verrucas are both characterised by hard skin, however the causes for either vary. Corns occur as a result of increased pressure or friction being applied to the skin whilst verrucas occurs as a result of being infected by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Just like any problem, corns and calluses are treated by targeting the cause. Unfortunately on occasions individuals may sometimes confuse a verruca for a corn and whereas cutting and filing a corn may be all that is required to eliminate the corn, this will not eliminate a verruca, on the contrary if the verruca is filed too hard it may cause it to spread. It’s important that the right treatment is given and for verrucas the two most common treatment are a chemical called salicylic acid, which strips away the infected tissue and Cryosurgery (the use of cold temperature to destroy the infected tissue). As always, if in doubt seek professional advice.