Foot wear. Sorry ladies, but those killer heels could be killing much more than your feet. In addition to causing the formation of corns and hard skin, which can be painful at times as well as making the feet unsightly, they have also been linked to foot, knee and back pain.
Try to limit wearing high heels to a couple of times a week only, ballet pumps are not the best either as they offer no real support to the foot.
Generally speaking, shoes with arch support are the ideal, but mix these up with wearing high heels or ballet pumps if you really have to wear heels or pumps.
High heels have also been recently linked (in a study by Stanford University scientists) to knee osteoarthritis, and are known to shorten the Achilles tendon, causing restricted ankle movement. This can also lead to complications.

Other specific problems that can result from high heels include:
Hammer Toes
Haglunds Deformity (Pump bump)
Bunions (may not be cause, but can worsen them)